Zoom becomes metaverse in partnership with Welo

Leading virtual conference provider Zoom is breaking into the metaverse with its Breaking Rooms. The early update comes as a result of collaboration with the Welo app, which creates a memorable workshop experience within Zoom.

With Welo, employees can easily switch between groups as they move through the virtual reality space. This helps create the most natural in-person interaction, automatically syncing with any group within the app using built-in avatars.

In addition to improving the video communication experience, Zoom hopes to make these interactions more effective and efficient. According Zoom blog postadditional functions like “embedding notes within Welo aims to make work more fluid and interactive.

Welo for meeting rooms is currently in beta mode, which is planned to be updated in a couple of months.

The Welo integration isn’t the only metaverse-related prospect Zoom mentioned in its recent blog post. The company also highlighted its collaboration mode feature, which is primarily designed to “add a more interactive element for screen sharing.

Collaborative mode allows participants to share their screens, allowing others to access whatever application they are using. According to Zoom, “Collaboration mode includes working on a shared whiteboard via Miro or working on a document together with Coda.”

To try out the new Zoom features, you just need to click Apps and Discover and find out what’s available right now.

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