Nike x RTFKT bought the domain name dotswoosh.eth

Nike-owned RTFKT Studios recently added another .eth domain name to its rapidly growing list of Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) NFTs. The purchase of dotswoosh.eth for 19.72 ETH or around $35,000 at the time of the deal increased the number of domains to ten in total, including these: Artifacts.eth, RTFKT.eth, Drmos.eth, MintVial.eth, We dream. eth, SpaceDrip.eth, DripCoin.eth, M2tekno.eth.

The reason for the purchase of dotswoosh.eth is still unclear, but rumors about Nike’s intentions to issue long-term subdomains are being actively discussed by the larger Twitter community. This means that any user could impersonate their crypto-related domains under dotswoosh.eth, such as YOUR NAME.dotswoosh.eth.

As for the dotswoosh.eth price of 19.72 ETH, it is related to the year 1972, when the iconic Nike logo first appeared on the brand’s sportswear line. Currently, the swoosh adorns the dotswoosh.eth NFT, which can be seen on RTFKT’s OpenSea account.

Nike is very protective when it comes to its many affiliated names and logos. In the past year alone, the brand has submitted a slew of metaverse requests for its Nike, Nikeland, Just Do It, Nike swoosh, and Jumpman logos. That’s why the Twitter rumors about Nike and RTFKT capitalizing on subdomains further along with promoting their names sound quite plausible.

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