Interview with The Time Society NFT

Chris: Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Time Society Team: When the Time Society team reviewed this initial question, we realized that this effort would not have been possible without the contribution of each member. From art to code, to historical research: each member brings something unique and valuable to the overall project. Since we have been united since the beginning of this mission, we decided that this quiz would be no different. As a team, we reviewed and answered these questions accordingly.

Chris: The Time Society is filling the void of historical representation in the NFT space. What exactly is the NFT theme? How will tokens represent world history through NFT?

Time Society Team: After tracking the NFT market for the past year, it became clear to our team that no one was trying to immortalize the stories of history on the blockchain. We decided to bring the story to life through animated trading cards, which will ultimately catalog the arc of time. In this way, there will be a decentralized database, like an online Library of Alexandria. As long as Web3 remains, humanity can never forget how we got to the current era. Our goal is to provide inspiration for the future we know we can create. Each NFT artwork “swivels” to reveal a brief educational description of its part of the story. In addition, there will be an expanded section in OpenSea’s description that provides deeper context about its moment in time. We made an effort to produce insightful writing; we hope that they will provide valuable knowledge to each headline.

Chris: Also, you’re working towards an original rendering with unique art. What is the work of art? How does each token represent something new and unique?

Time Society Team: Each card has gone through a series of revisions, adjustments, and updates to give the collector the best conceptual insight into their part of the story. Between 14 and 26 seconds long, your animated card gets all the attention it needs to communicate the event or person. Bringing source material directly from the US archives, we combine the art of digital illustration, animation, collage, video editing, digital painting, and additional Time Society methods. We have unique authenticity indicators that make your card unmistakable from any other brand. From rendering style to typographic choices, the artist has taken great care in choosing designs that are representative of the era.

Chris: So how many tokens will be released on the mint date? What will be the cost of a token of The Time Society? Do you also have presale?

Time Society Team: To kick off The Time Society, we’re launching Shaping the World Part One: a handpicked list of famous figures and monumental moments that serve as a variety package for what’s to come. To make the story accessible to as many people as possible, we’re taking our 30 cards and minting 150 each, totaling 4,500 NFTs that will be available completely FREE this Friday, June 17th for pre-sale. It’s first come, first served, so make sure you get a chance at history! Each wallet will be able to mint 2 cards at launch to ensure that at least one card is something special for the owner. We are sure that everyone can find a part of history that speaks to them.

Chris: Each token is an animated work of art. What else can investors do with their tokens other than invest in them?

Time Society Team: With Web3, when you have a Time Society NFT, you claim ownership of your piece of history on the Blockchain forever. With the unique mintage, your piece of history becomes scarce as soon as it is implemented in the market: it will NEVER be minted again. In our mind map, we intend to incorporate IRL events and access to exclusive content. We will need to listen to the community, but our dream would be to coordinate exhibits at historic sites around the world and partner with guides and historians so we can all learn from their experience. We are investigating how we can create content in the form of interviews or presentations with experts on many aspects of culture and history, which would be available exclusively to NFT holders. The nature of this project will also serve as a social experiment to see what people and events the community hangs on to. As cards are traded, we will be able to see the market value of these figures and events in a new way. It can tell us more about ourselves than we initially expect.

Chris: The team has put a lot of effort into explaining the idea and theme of the NFT. Who are behind the Time Society? How does each of them contribute to the development of The Time Society NFT?

Time Society Team: The team consists of 3 people: a historian who serves as the project’s scribe, researching the contributions, context and implications of the NFTs represented in the collection. The historian then translated these finds and wrote all the descriptions by hand. Then there’s the artist, whose grandfather served in World War II in the D-Day battle to the Woods of the Ardenne. This inspired a lifelong passion for history and became their focus of study at liberal arts college, where they earned a bachelor’s degree in illustration with a minor in business. Then there’s our code master: With a degree in Digital Media, they’ve managed the metadata generation, smart contract implementation, and website development of The Time Society effort.

Chris: The series has 4500 tokens and it’s called “Shaping the World Collection”. What’s the next series? What else do you have in your plans? How does The Time Society shape up in the future?

Time Society Team: The Shaping the World Collection is a two-part series featuring a carefully selected list of notable figures and events that played a significant role in the world we live in today. To kick things off, we will be releasing the first part of the Shaping the World Collection which will include these NFTs:

Albert Einstein
cleopatra viii
Genghis Khan
George Washington
John F. Kennedy
joseph stalin
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr.
Neil Armstrong
Nicholas Tesla
sir isaac newton
Stephen Hawking
steve works
Bay of Pigs
boston tea party
bubonic plague
Building the Great Wall of China
The collapse of the roman empire
day D
Discovery of the DNA double helix
extinction of the dinosaurs
First flight at Kitty Hawk
The invention of the WWW
The Signature of the Magna Carta
The French Reign of Terror
The great Depression
The Renaissance
US women’s suffrage

Shortly after, we will release the second part of the collection which currently includes:

Abraham Lincoln
adolf hitler
Alexander the great
ben franklin
Henry Ford
Joan of Arc
Julius Caesar
Leonardo da Vinci
Mother Maria Theresa
Napoleon Bonaparte
Nelson Mandela
Thomas Edison
Vladimir Lenin
William Shakespeare
Winston Churchill
Adoption of the heliocentric model
apollo 11
assassination of jfk
Battle of the Somme
Bloody Sunday in Selma
Covid-19 outbreak
the fall of the Berlin Wall
UN Training
Sputnik I
The 2003 invasion of Iraq
The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Spanish flu pandemic
The Reichstag fire
Abolition of slavery in the US

We will rely on community feedback on future official Time Society releases. While we already have some lined up, we want to give our community some control over what comes in the future. We will publish polls that may very well dictate what comes next. We want a community that is engaged and genuinely interested in the product and what it could do for the story in Web3.

Chris: Before we finish, please share the process of minting the tokens. Can these NFTs also be purchased with hard currency?

Time Society Team: Everyone can mint on our website at If you prefer, you can also mint directly from the contract. This first release is completely free, however it is hosted on the ETH network, so any interested collector will need an ETH wallet and will be responsible for any associated gas fees. our website and Twitter is the best way to stay informed about news and announcements. We are excited to see you join The Time Society on this journey and help immortalize history on the blockchain. I’ll see you Friday!

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