Interview with Shiny Girl Card NFT

Chris: Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Known: Hello, I’m Ken, the person in charge of the Shiny Girl Card project. After multiple successes with gaming and blockchain projects, I had the privilege of meeting the Cum & Gun development team, of which I am a long-time fan. Out of personal appreciation for the Girls, as well as admiration for the development team, I expressed the idea of ​​turning the Girls into NFTs, so that they can be preserved forever in the collection of the social community. We hit it off right away. There is another blockchain expert, Jason, in our team who has a lot of experience in the field of blockchain. He is knowledgeable about the current market opinion on NFTs. After extensive deliberation on the goal of the project (girl-centric, community-based), he succeeded in developing the most unique features of our NFT: the Value Guarantee and Perpetual Appreciation systems. KR is a team member in charge of social management and marketing, who is not only skillful and rich in experience, but also an expert in planning.

Chris: You guarantee investors money back on secondary sales. This is interesting. What exactly is smart contract account? How does it work?

Known: Smart contract account refers to an automatically generated contract address account that is produced when the contract is created.
In the past, after an NFT item was purchased, the project party was free to withdraw the amount paid by users on the purchase as a form of income.
However, in the Value Guarantee system we have designed, we will retain the amount paid by users when they buy the Shiny Girl Card (SGC) in a Smart Contract account, from which we cannot withdraw money.
The purchase cost of a SGC is retained in the Smart Contract account. Even we can’t get money out of that account.
SGC owners can choose to Burn the SGC to perform a value redemption. The Value Guarantee system will be distributed evenly according to the total remaining SGC and the amount in the Smart Contract Account. The most important feature of the system is that it can use the nature of the blockchain to perpetually guarantee the value of the SGC. No one apart from the actual owners of the Cards, not even us (the project party), can get them!
The SGC can also not be freely minted by the project party, which ensures the amount of the Value Guarantee for users.

In addition to designing the value guarantee system, we also devised a perpetual appreciation system that allows the SGC to grow automatically over time! We return the transaction fee paid by users in the Secondary Market to the Smart Contract account. Together with the Value Guarantee system, the SGC will grow in value with each purchase made by users. The amount that can be obtained in value exchange will increase continuously!

Chris: The Shiny Girls originated from an NFT game. What were the inspirations for creating an entirely new series of NFTs?

Known: Shiny Girl Cards characters are based on the 8 most popular characters from the popular online game: Cum & Gun, chosen by popularity vote. Most NFT projects these days introduce NFT first, before game development. Due to a generally lengthy game development process, NFTs often experience a decline in price from the secondary market. There is a lot of doubt about whether a game can be completed on time, which puts game developers in a tough spot.
We choose an opposite approach. Making NFTs from a game in progress, along with the value guarantee system, ensures that the price of NFTs does not decrease. The game that makes use of the NFT is now complete, which we believe will give the public a sense of security and confidence in the project!

Chris: So what are the chips like? Can these NFTs also participate in the game?

Known: SGC are designed for 8 Cum & Gun girls. Each girl has her own unique skin and accessories, hair color, as well as animated expressions and mesmerizing card frames. Each SGC will be a unique design combination.
SGC owners can dress the Girls in the game with the skins according to the designs on the Cards. We also plan to create an AR world, where SGC owners can spend more time with girls and even enjoy more intimate interaction!

Chris: Also, what will be the role of dressing up? Is there something else the token is used for?

Known: The costume design in the SGC are actual in-game skins that can be worn by the girls. This means that the more SGC skins collected, the more skin options are available to girls.
In the future, we have plans to create an AR world, to provide Shiny Girl Card owners with more personal time with the Girls.

Chris: So how much will 1 token cost? How much of the cost does gas represent?

Known: We use the ERC-721A contract for the SGC, which greatly reduces the gas fee at Minting. The gas rate will be similar to that of the ERC-721A.
We are planning for the SGC price to drop between 0.1ETH~0.2ETH. We will also be introducing SGC NFT Packs, which means that more SGCs purchased in a single session will result in a higher discount off the price of each Card.

Chris: What’s next on the team’s roadmap? How does the Shiny Girls token want to accentuate the user experience in the next 6 months?

Known: We are currently working hard to refine the QMS and complete the roadmap. An important feature of the SGC is the function of bringing skins into the game, for which we are developing the relevant system support, which we believe will be completed soon. Plans are also underway for physical products related to the QMS. Stay tuned for exciting SGC updates!

Chris: In the end, what is your perspective on a new series to add to the existing Shiny Girls collection? Are there plans for a new NFT collection?

Known: The current SGC is designed based on the 8 girls chosen by a popularity vote made among the players in our social community on the official website. There was neck-to-neck competition between the girls at the time. Although some girls did not make it to the top 8, many users in our social community are still her avid followers. Also, there has been a new addition to Cum & Gun Girls after the voting was released. These new Girls also enjoy great support among our social community. There are also hopes that these girls will become NFTs. We will prioritize the first stage of our NFT project and make more informed decisions about potential future projects based on the feedback we receive from social platforms and our first batch of SGC users. So if you like these girls, are interested in our recognition and value guarantee systems, or hope to see more projects, please visit our official website, Twitter, Discord, and the Facebook page for the latest information. Don’t miss our SGC project!

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