Interview with Ralph’s Country Club NFT

How’s everybody? This time we’re talking to Torey / @torz, co-founder of Ralph’s Country Club NFT.

Former professional golfer, multi-business owner, and crypto philanthropist.

Chris: The world’s first token that focuses on sports sponsorship with social exposure, what exactly is the core idea of ​​this sports sponsorship and why is it unique to Ralph’s Country Club NFT.

Torey: We are providing something different, promoting emerging athletes with sponsorship deals, exposure and support. Previously, athletes didn’t have a backup vehicle until they were consummate professionals (LeBron, Nadal, Tiger Woods, etc.). It is not commercially viable (in most cases) for companies to focus on the small ones. But it is very expensive for athletes to get to that point in their career.

Web3 adds value in a new social economy. Athletes who are engaged with their own communities through events and social media are excellent vectors of exposure and brand recognition for an NFT. Combining existing sports communities with the NFT community and providing token growth through an entrepreneurial mindset is what it’s all about.

Chris: The artwork is based on animal characters. To clarify, what does the Ralph’s Country Club NFT represent and how can the investor make use of these tokens other than as an investment avenue?

Torey: The artwork is based on a Tiger (since it is the year of the Tiger) and represents the multiplicity of sports disciplines that we represent. And we think it looks great.

The tokens are both a membership pass and a stake in the brand. Token holders will have voting rights and special privileges when selecting and recommending new opportunities (charity days, athletes, merchandising), as well as the utilization of DAO funds. They will also have exclusive access to limited merchandise releases, special access to sponsored athletes, community resources and much more.

Chris: So how does the team work with Ralph’s Country Club NFT? How many core team members and how does each contribute?

Torey: We have 6 official (doxxed) team members and we all contribute in different ways. Each member of the team plays a critical role in helping the project come to life. The incredible art made by Astrid. Myself, Citrus and Volchok managed the growth of social media and discord with George and Kados providing the reach and network for athlete onboarding.

Chris: You guarantee the minimum gas rates for the investor. What is the blockchain being used for? How much will gasoline go for and how did they secure low rates for investors?

Torey: An important decision was to use Ethereum as our blockchain of choice. Ethereum provides security in its size and relative stability. One downside may be gas fees. For this reason, we are working with the leaders in developing Eth smart contracts and innovative payment solutions, Wenmint. Wenmint contracts are brilliant in their simplicity and have been proven on over 40 major projects. Gas prices change frequently, but a recent project incurred gas fees as low as $3 per NFT using Wenmint contracts. They also allow the purchase of an NFT with Fiat Currency, increasing the scope of sales.

Chris: Also, what would be the unit price of Ralph’s Country Club NFTs?

Torey: First Phase: 3,636 Token Release (50% Supply):

Presale/whitelist price: 0.1Eth

Public sale price: 0.12Eth

Chris: The roadmap certainly has a lot of interesting tips. What are some of the sustainable growth options to consider? How do you plan to carry out promotional farming and how will it benefit the investor?

Torey: The DAO is a core feature of our growth framework. 10% of resales of the token will be funneled to the DAO to be used for further promotion, sponsorship, and growth of the token. This will allow us to continually grow after the launch of the second phase and not rely solely on initial mint funds. The DAO will also tie into the merch store with profits funneled back into the community, as well as profits from our health and performance products (it’s too early to get details here). We are exploring options to create a charity, linked to the DAO with a focus on funding emerging athletes.

Chris: At the end, we would appreciate it if you could list the steps to mint the tokens. Also, mention if there is any mint restriction.

Torey: Our first phase, until June 19, will be available exclusively on our website. For those new to NFT, there are guides on the website on how to set up your wallet and mint your Ralph. There are many scammers so just click on our official links here and on our discord and Twitter. The date of the second phase will be determined once the minimum price has stabilized above the initial minting price.

The restrictions are: maximum 5 RCC NFTs per transaction, maximum 25 per wallet.

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