Interview with NF Tuloan

Today my guest is Joni Mendes, she is CMO at NFTuloan.

Professional background: 12 years of experience in marketing and 7 years in block.

Joni helps different projects around the world to reach their goal and come out successful. Currently, Joni coordinates all of NFTuloan’s marketing operations.

Chris: The bank of the future is here with NFTuLoan tokens. We would love to understand the idea behind the token. How does the token become a bank for NFTs and all other forms of digital assets?

Joni: Yes of course, NFTuloan is here to offer liquidity to all digital assets.

NFT Flash Loan for all Digital Assets (NFT) Art, Collectibles, Domain Names, Music, Photography, Sports, Trading Cards, Utilities, Virtual Worlds, Play2earn…

The only NFT service that gives real value to your jpeg. Creators and Collection send your NFT on steroids!

This fully defi lending protocol offers instant and unprecedented opportunities for borrowers to enhance their NFT portfolio. On the other hand, you can stake your ETH and receive 70% liquidity pool fees and rebates up to 399% APR

Chris: Access to the NFT market is available at a 30% discount. Why the distressed deal?

Joni: Yes, first in order to access our marketplace you must have the Genesis Alpha Pass.

On our marketplace, you will have the ability to purchase at a 30% discount all NFTs where borrowers were unable to repay their loan.

Chris: Also, there seem to be quite a few extra perks and accesses. What are the other benefits of owning an NFTuLoan token?

Joni: $ULOAN advantage

1. Access our NFT Marketplace only with Distressed Offer -30% off

2. Reduced fees against interest owed on NFT loans

3. Increase +20% NFT LTV Be an early riser and increase your net worth as an early adopter

4. Dao of voting and decision for the entire liquidity protocol.

Chris: Also, your two private sales are already sold out. What’s next for NFTuLoan? Do you have another presale coming soon? When is the public mint?

Joni: In fact, we’re providing opportunities for even more people to join us on June 26 for our mint launch and have a chance to get a Genesis Alpha Pass.

Information here NFTuLoan Genesis Access Pass.

Chris: Also, what would the price of the token be in the public mint? How much of the cost would go to gasoline?

Joni: Sign up for our whitelist to avoid gas warfare and privilege access to mint.

presale 0.2 eth

Private 0.3th

Chris: Similarly, who else is on the NFTuLoan team? How does each of the members contribute to the construction of the NFT?

Joni: We are actually 22 people and most of us are dedicated to blockchain development.

Chris: At the end, please share some of the key milestones from your roadmap. How will you accentuate the investor experience in the next 6 months?

Joni: Yes with pleasure.

We are currently on testnet and we work on security with few companies. We also sign up with a partner for our bug bounty program.

In the next phase, we will offer loans for the BNBchain et Matic collection.

Our main vision is to offer decentralized instant loans for all digital assets and any type of NFT.

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It’s the best way to stay informed about news and announcements.

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