Interview with Crypto Bulls NFT Club

What’s so cool about the hood, folks? I’ll tell you what. Today my guest is Armand (nickname Andrew CB), founder of the Crypto Bulls NFT Club and former bank trader.

Chris: Satoshi is an advanced planet where cryptocurrency is the only mode of payment. Tell us more about the island and the role of Crypto Bulls in it.

Armando: Satoshi is an imaginary planet (named after the creator of Bitcoin, Nakamuto Satoshi), where the Crypto Space has prospered to the point where everything is ruled by algorithms. At Satoshi, all programs are interconnected through the blockchain network, and Crypto Bulls managed to use the power of the metaverse to create a peaceful world where bulls and machines live in harmony, devoting all their energy to constantly improving this sacred connection. Crypto Bulls is the dominant species on Satoshi and their expertise is Crypto Arbitrage, a trading technique that they have developed themselves to provide stability in the Crypto Space and generate profit.

Chris: What is your story behind the creation of Crypto Bulls NFT? How did the team come together for the development of the token?

Armando: We are a team of new generation entrepreneurs and comic lovers with a long experience in commerce (+20 years in total) and digital art (+10 years). We are looking to develop innovative project solutions for the crypto communities. We are a big family working on this project where brothers, cousins ​​and friends combined their design, development and programming skills to give birth to an outstanding collection of 10,000 bulls providing access to a strong collective with entrepreneurial values, where co-creation is the key to success. The Crypto Bulls NFT Club is set up to harness the power of its community by treating each member as a founder, not just a participant.

Chris: Most importantly, Crypto Bulls also allows token farming. What would be the criteria for burning them? How would the team ensure price stability for Crypto Bulls investors?

Armando: Holders will vote on the Floor Price through the DAO we would create (raising 50% of Mint revenues), to the extent of available funds. Crypto Bulls NFT Club will then allocate some funds to buy back any Crypto Bulls NFTs on the secondary market that are below this minimum price and burn them. This process ensures price stability because it reduces supply and creates a floor price.

Chris: Also, what is the Trading and Programming Web 3.0 Institute? How does the physical institute with the support of the Crypto Bulls NFT Club work?

Armando: Web 3.0 trading and programming institute is similar to an online trading school where Crypto Bulls NFT Club would be sharing tutorials for trading and coding. In fact, after leaving my commercial job (Armand, founder), I have created a Youtube channel to share my commercial techniques ( and with the help of Gabriel (CB Co-founder), we have created an online trading school where we provide courses for beginners and advanced traders ( So the institute would have the same format but with more mentors and more knowledge to share.

Chris: We also read that the DAO is allowed for crypto arbitrage. What will be the commercial rules for arbitration? How will the DAO decide?

Armando: The holders will decide with a vote through the DAO how much funds we would use for Crypto Arbitrage or for any other investment (staking, investment in NFT projects, burning NFT…). We would then use these funds for this business activity that we have been successfully doing for over a year. The reason we want to share it with the project is that we want to compete with big money players, which we can’t do with limited funds. Profits (if any) would only be used to support our floor price or to develop other activities, they will not go to the holders.

Chris: Similarly, what will the digital appearance of the token be? What will be some of the key attributes? How will these attributes make each token unique and different from the others?

Armando: The digital appearance of the NFT is a Crypto Bulls with 12 layers assembled among a total of more than 130 features. Some of the attributes are


1 – BACKGROUND (Blue, Red, Pink…)
2 – FUR (Beast, Lava, Black, Radioactive…)
3 -ARMOR (Metal, Frozen, Military…)
4 – GLASSES (Party, X-men Red, Sun…)
5 – HORNS (Fire, Bloody, Warrior, Viking…)
6 – OUTFIT (Tuxedo, Psychedelic, BTC Chain…)
7 MOUTH (Bloody, Zombie, Happy…)

Soft Skills (to be completed by holders in Phase 2, empty during Phase 1)

8 – Passion
9 – Phobia
10 – Best Date
11 – Night work
12 – Nickname

Holders will be able to customize their NFT and make it even more unique during Phase 2

Chris: So what will the unit price of Crypto Bulls NFT be? How many token units can an investor buy in one transaction?

Armando: Price = 2.5 SOL, MAX. 10 NFT per wallet, Supply Mint 1 = 555 (Total Supply = 10,000 to sell in 3 Mints)

1 – @WL Early Bulls Private Sale Coming Soon!
Date: June 18 at 13:00 UTC
Price: 2.5 SOL (about 80 USD)
Supply: 555
Maximum NFT per wallet: 10

2 – Advance sale of bulls on the white list
Date TBA (Q3 2022)
Price: 5 SOL (about 160 USD)
Supply: 2222
Maximum NFT per wallet: 10

3 – Public sale of @Verified Bulls
Date TBA (Q4 2022)
Price: 7.5 SOL (around 240 USD)
Supply: 6666
Maximum NFT per wallet: 10

Chris: At the end, please describe the process of minting Crypto Bulls NFTs.

Armando: Minting will be done directly on our website by connecting a Solana wallet. To be eligible, each wallet must be whitelisted prior to minting.

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It’s the best way to stay informed about news and announcements.

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