Interview with Chaotic Circles NFT

Hello partners! Today we are sitting down with Yury, founder and generative artist behind the “Yury Coding Art” project.

Chris: Yury Coding has designed his first NFT artwork. Why did you choose circles and chaos as inspiration for the Chaotic Circle NFT?

Yuri: That’s a great question! I spent a lot of time understanding why and how we humans appreciate art. What makes one image more beautiful/attractive/pleasant than another? How does it work?

One of the ways to make something visually appealing is to make it familiar and new at the same time. I decided to start with a circular structure, specifically concentric circular arcs. No matter how chaotically drawn these arches may be, they are always perfectly aligned with each other and create a sense of order that a human brain can appreciate.

At the same time, all the other parameters of the bow (besides the center point) are very random, which makes each piece of art and the entire collection interesting to explore.

Chris: Tell us more about Yury Coding’s background. How long have you been creating works of art? What is your experience in the blockchain platform?

Yuri: I am a self-taught artist. My mom is a math teacher and hobby painter, and we grew up seeing her pictures on her walls every day (and we painted with her often too). My dad is a scientist turned programmer and entrepreneur. That said, he had minimal chances of being bad at math and programming and also not appreciating art.

When I grew up I studied computer science at university and then worked in some big IT companies. For the last 10+ years I have been successfully launching various web products (from EdTech to SaaS). In most cases, the design part was done by myself, and thus I learned its basic principles.

Today, my math and programming skills allow me to quickly iterate on ideas and produce complicated algorithms. Love of art and design skills help with creative ideas and make the artwork aesthetically pleasing. Finally, my business experience helps me research the market, plan and implement projects, and tell my story.

I have no previous experience in the blockchain platform and I am very excited about this first collection that will be released very soon.

Chris: In the same way, describe the chaotic circles. How did you make each token unique? In other words, how is each NFT different from the others?

Yuri: There’s plenty of room to make circle-themed outputs look very different from each other. Color palettes, arc sizes and styles, composition, density, overlapping rules, and general turbulence are features that vary from image to image.

There are more than 50 different styles, and each of them has its own mathematical expressions to choose the parameters of the arc. Some of these styles were designed by me, but most of them were artificially generated by the algorithm. You literally produced your own JS code!

Chris: More importantly, what is the price of the tokens? What are the charges for minting a Chaotic Circles token?

Yuri: Our minting prices are:

0.09ΞOG (all OG locations are full)


0.12 Ξ Public

At these mint prices, the trait combo will be completely random.

However, if the surprise egg thing isn’t for you, there are there will be an option to pre-select your favorite style and color palette. It will cost a bit more (details on the mintage website soon), but here’s the way to get your personal favorite without going to the aftermarket.

Chris: So is your team a one man army or do you have a few people who deal with different aspects of NFT development? Tell us more about the team working on Chaotic Circles NFT.

Yuri: It was a one person army for the first few months, but then I found a partner. He is a top-notch programmer and mathematician, having joined the team as Solidity’s Math/Development Advisor.

I also hired a team of 3 awesome moderators in different time zones to keep an eye on our community Discord server.

So now the total team size is 5.

Chris: Also, list the steps to mint a Chaotic Circles token. Do you also have your wallet?

Yuri: 1) Being included in the allow list. If you want to mint Chaotic Circles, I highly recommend getting on the allow list first (or at least the wait list). There are multiple options for that, including various WL games and giveaways, collaborations with partner communities, and also a public raffle a few days before the mint date.

2) Register your wallet. We are using Premint for wallet registration. Check that you have a connected Twitter profile, that you are a member of our Discord server, and also that your ETH balance is at least 0.1 Ξ.

3) Coin your chaotic circle. On May 28 we will have the day of minting of allowed lists. No rush, no fuel wars – if you’re on the allow list, this is your day to get ahead of the pack. The minting will take place on our website.

If you don’t make the allow list, you will have two additional options: Wait List Mint Day on May 29 (for some public raffle participants) and also Public Mint Day on May 30.

Chris: Before we close, we’d like to know more about future plans for Chaotic Circles. What do you want to create next to expand the reach of Chaotic Circles investors?

Yuri: We are committed to the long-term success of the collection and the “Yury Coding Art” project in general.

Over the next two years, we will:

  • increase our social media presence on Instagram, Twitterand probably TikTok;
  • educate new people about generative art and the NFT space;
  • organize prints and some merchandising for collectors;
  • launch new collections;
  • Collaborate with other NFT artists and projects.

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