HTC Vivese phone to see the world in June

Quite a while has passed since the release of the latest HTC flagman smartphone. After a period of stagnation, the company recently announced its big comeback by teasing the launch of the first Metaverse phone under HTC’s Vivese brand. According to the company’s Twitter, the metaverse phone will debut on June 28. “Login in the future. 2022.06.28,” It reads in HTC’s post on Tweeter.

The first hint of a Vivese phone launch was issued in March 2022 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The news prompted rather mixed reactions, as the company’s last internationally accepted standard-bearer was released in 2018. Since then, HTC has produced only mid-range models, with the HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G released in 2021 being the latest.

Currently, not much is known about the phone itself or its price. However, rumors circulating in the Twitter community suggest that it will be a limited edition series available in very few markets.

As for the Vivese, here things are a little less murky. As the Taiwanese company says, Viverse is “an interoperable ecosystem where different content platforms interconnect to form a seamless user experience in a decentralized, secure and open way.

According to HTC, its innovative new phone will be compatible with its own metaverse, called Vivese. How the company will implement the planned integration remains to be discovered

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