Best 35 Popular Websites In The 90s

Popular Websites In The 90s

What did websites look like in early 90s?

We were amazed that we could get ANYWHERE !The band width was so slow that were really really happy to get ANYWHEREThe ads didb’t eat up 90% of the space and 95% of the bandwith so the sites were actually better than they are today. More items...

What are some popular 90s names?

Top American girls' names of the 1990sJessicaAshleyEmilySarahSamanthaAmandaBrittanyElizabethTaylorMegan More items...

What made the 90s so special?

There was no Facebook ,Twitter or Snapchat also no Tiktok (thought thank god it got banned).Life was simple.Songs were so good and soothing not like these days (selfie maine leli aaj ). ...Life was more interesting then childrens actually played outside not like today everyone is on phone. More items...

What was the Internet like in the early 90s?

via 90s internet obviously starts with a browser. Combine a super slow internet with a cool browser (not really) and that’s how the internet used to be like. Crashing and glitches were totally normal and the browsers we use now is nothing like the old days.

Popular Websites In The 90s

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