Best 35 Fsbo Alternative Sites

Fsbo Alternative Sites

Where can I find FSBO homes for sale by owner?

Zillow and its sister site Trulia are two of the leading real estate sites. Even though neither caters exclusively to FSBO homes, they have features that allow sellers to post for sale by owner properties.

Are free FSBO websites worth it?

If a free FSBO site does offer these features, it’s almost always for a fee — at which point you’re probably better off with listing your home for sale by owner on a paid website. That said, it’s hard to argue with free. While these websites do have their drawbacks, they will still give you some decent exposure.

Do FSBO homes sell for less than real estate agents?

Research shows that FSBO homes generally sell for about 5–7% less than homes sold by a traditional real estate agent, thus negating the 2.5–3% commission savings most FSBO sellers achieve. If you’re budget-minded, we recommend Clever for your home sale.

What is a FSBO?

A for sale by owner (FSBO) is a property sold by the owner without the assistance of a real estate agent. Generally, homeowners save as much as 5 percent to 6 percent in real estate commissions and sometimes pass some savings onto the buyer.

Fsbo Alternative Sites

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