Best 35 Alternative Sites For Venipuncture

Alternative Sites For Venipuncture

Where is the best place to do a venipuncture?

the venipuncture should be performed distal to (below) the hematoma. opposite arm, then blood should be drawn from BELOW (distal to) the IV. site. If drawing above the IV site is the only option, then the IV infusion venipuncture. As there is still a risk that the sample could be before the draw occurred.

What is the most common site for doing venipuncture?

Key PointsThe value of testing must always be weighed against the stress of venipuncture since the critically ill bird may not be stable enough for restraint.Common venipuncture sites in the bird are the jugular, medial metatarsal, and basilic veins.In many avian species, including the parrot, the most common site for blood collection is the jugular vein. More items...

What is the preferred site for venipuncture?

What Are the Best Sites for Venipuncture?Venipuncture Basics. Phlebotomists are trained to locate the best vein for drawing blood. ...Median Cubital Vein. Venipuncture is a common medical practice that is used to get blood for testing. ...Cephalic Vein. The cephalic vein is found in both the forearm and the upper arm. ...Basilic Vein. ...Dangers of Poor Placement. ...

What are the most common sites in venipuncture?

What are the acceptable sites for venipuncture?Median Cubital Vein. The most commonly used site for a venipuncture is at the bend of the elbow, also called the antecubital fossa.Cephalic Vein.Basilic Vein.Dorsal Metacarpal Veins.

Alternative Sites For Venipuncture

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