35 Best Websites To Waste Time On

Best Websites To Waste Time On

What's the best time wasting website?

The Best Websites to Waste Your Time OnYouTubeNetflixRankerWikipediaGoogleAmazon.comFacebookRedditInstagramBuzzfeed.com More items...

What are some fun websites to go to when bored?

Useless WebsitesFind the Invisible Cow An Internet version of the hiding game Hot and Cold.Cat Bounce It's simple. You (harmlessly) bounce virtual cats.Hacker Typer Hollywood-style hacker code. ...Pointer Pointer What's the point of this? ...Staggering Beauty Make the worm dance with your mouse. ...Bees Bees Bees This site reveals Oprah's secret plans. More items...

What are some cool websites to visit?

wikiHowAnswers all your questionDIY solutionsDetailed guideFree to use

What are the best websites ever?

Top Ten Best Homepages. The Top Ten. 1 BestHomepageEver.com. Obviously, The Best. Got tired of the convoluted fluff, purposeful misdirection, and left wing subliminal ideology constantly pushed by all the other major sites. Thankfully your homepage provides direct access to any source in virtually every category anyone would want to travel to.

Best Websites To Waste Time On

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