35 Best Philosophy Websites

Best Philosophy Websites

What are the Best Online Philosophy Communities?

What Courses Can I Take in an Online Bachelor's in Philosophy Program?Environmental Ethics: This course covers the ethical implications of humankind's activities and impact on nature. ...History of Ancient Philosophy: Students learn about the history and origins of ancient philosophy. ...History of Modern Philosophy: This course covers the schools of thought emerging from the Renaissance to the present day. ... More items...

What is the best place to study philosophy?

Tāmaki Innovation Campus, Auckland, New ZealandNewmarket Campus, Auckland, New ZealandEpsom Campus, Auckland, New ZealandGrafton Campus, Auckland, New ZealandTai Tokerau Campus, Whangarei, New ZealandSouth Auckland Campus, Auckland, New ZealandWaitemata Health Campus, Auckland, New ZealandSouth Auckland Clinical Campus, Auckland, New Zealand More items...

What are the best blogs about philosophy?

Descartes’ Key WorksMeditations on First Philosophy (1641)Principles of Philosophy (1644)The Passions of the Soul and Other Late Philosophical Writings (1649)

What are the best ways to study philosophy?

Common skills acquired from a philosophy degree include:Critical thinkingThe ability to form and present a clear and well reasoned argumentThe capacity to deal with multiple viewpoints and to discern which is most validBeing able to discern what it is at the core of a matter, and what is importantBeing able to differentiate between what’s valid and what’s not More items...

Best Philosophy Websites

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