35 Best Gaming Websites Reddit

Best Gaming Websites Reddit

What are the best websites for video game news?

With a name as self-explanatory as it gets, Game Informer is a trusted source for the latest and highest-rated in video game news, reviews, previews, podcasts, gamer culture, and features about gaming platforms. They run an exciting forum on the website, as well.

What is the best site to get game ratings?

GameRankings (Gamerankings.com) The GameRankings website is a rating site comparable to Metacritic but it focuses only on video games. Additionally, it collects data from online and offline sources and even includes ratings for obscure and “classic” games from decades ago.

How good is the gaming community on Reddit?

It’s easily organized by gaming platforms, (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.), and further into more specific topics. A quick peruse of the PC forum showed a staggering amount of topics with gamers helping other gamers by giving good PC build recommendations and great deals on games. The community is as good as any gaming forum can hope to be.

What are the best websites for Android game fans?

Droid Gamers is your one-stop-website for all that you need to know about the latest Android games. 31. Kill Screen This website as well as its magazine run on an intuitive motto and provide gaming geeks with a unique new perspective on the art of gaming.

Best Gaming Websites Reddit

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