35 Best Data Science Websites

Best Data Science Websites

What are the best online courses for data science?

Machine Learning, AI & Big Data Analytics in the Travel & Hospitality Industry: Applications, Scopes, and Impact on the Job Market http://ow.ly/tuhO50HTcQH

What are the best data science tools?

Top Data Science ToolsSAS. It is one of those information scientific instruments designed purely for statistical purposes. ...Apache Spark. Apache Spark, or simply political Spark, is a powerful analytics engine and the most commonly used Data Science instrument.BigML. BigML, another data science tool that is used very much. ...D3.js. ...MatLab. ...Excel. ...NLTK. ...TensorFlow. ...Weka. ...Jupyter. ... More items...

How to learn data science for free?

The Best Way to Learn Math for Data ScienceLinear Algebra for Data Science Matrix algebra and eigenvalues.Calculus for Data Science Derivatives and gradients.Gradient Descent from Scratch Implement a simple neural network from scratch. Many machine learning concepts are tied to linear algebra. ...

What is the best data science certification?

Top 15 data science certificationsCertified Analytics Professional (CAP) The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) is a vendor-neutral certification that validates your ability to “transform complex data into valuable insights and actions,” which is exactly what ...Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst. ...Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer. ... More items...

Best Data Science Websites

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