35 Best Band Websites 2014

Best Band Websites 2014

How to build a band website that actually works?

The three pages to start with are:Your bio (about) page. The about page is one of the most visited page of a website, so make sure you get this up.Contact page. How can people book your band?Online store. Get people to buy your music and merchandise.Music. What’s a band website without some music to listen to?Subscribe. Include a way for your fans to subscribe to you. ...

How to build a website for your band?

How To Make A Music Website In 10 MinutesGo to Justhost.Click ‘Get Started Now’.Select ‘Basic’ (lowest) plan.Enter the website name you want (e.g. ...Enter your details & choose your Account Plan (at least a year so no one can take your website name).On the same page, unselect all Package Extras (you don’t need them) then pay. More items...

Does my band need a website?

While you'll want your band to have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, you need to have your own website with your band's name (or some version of it) in the URL. It gives you more control over the content and design and allows you to monetize the site (or not) however you choose.

What is the best app for bands?

The best score-reading apps for classical musiciansHenle. The Henle app was the first I downloaded, mainly because it’s one of my go-to editions. ...forScore. When I asked friends and colleagues which apps they used, forScore was one of the most popular. ...Newzik. As a digital score-reading newbie, I needed help to get the most out of Newzik. ...Nkoda. ...Piascore. ...Playscore. ...

Best Band Websites 2014

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